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The City of Vienna

Vienna is the capital of Austria and has a long history of cooperation with Hong Kong and Southern China, as evidenced by Hong Kong’s Financial Secretary, Mr John Tsang, most recent visit to Austria in May 2008. Vienna, as one of its major cities, has a population of 1.7 million. Vienna is famous for a rich cultural heritage, music, architecture and theatres.

What is little known about Vienna is Europe’s recognition of it as a world-class centre of science, technology, and research and development. Austria, with its well-developed economy, high standard of living, and competitive business environment, is regularly placed in the top 20 places of the Economist Intelligence Unit's Business Environment Rankings.

Vienna is also known for its high educational standards. The University of Vienna, for example, was founded in 1365 and is one of the oldest universities in Europe. It is proud to have been the home of ten Nobel Prize Laureates and currently has a close relationship with Peking University, one of the most respected universities in China.

Key Facts

  • Vienna is one of top three headquarters of the United Nations, along with
    New York and Geneva.
  • 60% of Vienna’s small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) conduct their own research and development, placing Austria second in Europe for research and development.
  • Vienna is greener than any other European capital, with half of its area covered
    by green spaces.
  • 75 million European Union (EU) citizens are Austria’s neighbours.
  • Vienna is the Number One congress city in the world.
  • Increasingly, many conglomerates base their Eastern and South Eastern European headquarters in Vienna, including IBM and General Motors.
  • Vienna is host to many important international offices, including the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
  • 50% of Central Europe’s businesses bank in Austria.
  • Austria is known as a respected producer of state-of-the-art environmental
    technology, pollution control and sophisticated waste management.
  • Recognised internationally for their dedication to medicine, the Health Consumer
  • PowerHouse in 2007 named Austria’s health care system, the best in all of Europe.
  • Austria produces more than 400,000 km2 of solar panels per year, nearly 400
    times Hong Kong’s land area.
  • Austrian technology produced the Japanese high-speed railway network and Bangkok’s underground railway carriages.
  • Most traffic lights in Hong Kong and China are produced in Austria.
  • Vienna is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001.
  • Austria has the third highest quality of living in the EU.
  • Vienna is the biggest wine producer of any capital city in the world, with more than 700 hectares cultivated.
  • Vienna has been universally acknowledged to be the musical capital of Europe since the 16th Century.
  • Vienna was home to world famous composers, including Haydn, Mozart, Strauss, Schubert and Beethoven.
  • UEFA EURO 2008 football championship final will be held in Vienna.
  • Austria has more than 30 million holidaymakers per year.
  • A 45,000 m2 "China Austria Technology Park" aims to pave the way for Chinese high-tech companies to expand into the European market.
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